Secure Password Journal

501 Secure Password Journal
Secure Password Journal

Would you write down your passwords in a flimsy dollar store spiral notebook, just because it says "password journal" on it; protect your online identity with the most advanced password creating / protecting notebook today. the truth is that you probably use the same password for all your online information. And once someone have broken into your social platform or forum account, he have free reign to raid your bank accounts, credit cards and more. Whether you surf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or routinely use online banking, it’s time to protect yourself by creating virtually unbreakable passwords. Sure, creating a bunch of different passwords isn’t easy. That’s why we at Enigmaze have created the most efficient password-protecting journal to date. The Enigmaze password notebook takes the headache out of creating new strong passwords or updating existing ones and allows you to quickly decode your password when you need to use it. #secure #password #journal #cool

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