Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar

690 Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar
Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar

The Electric Loog is cute and small, but it's not a toy: it's a real guitar, made out of real wood and equipped with a screaming pickup that sounds amazing whatever style you play. Because it only has three strings and a narrow neck, it’s easier for small children to form chords and to make sense of what they are playing. All Loog Guitars come unassembled, as we believe that building your own guitar is an experience that helps you bond with the instrument in a deeper level. It is also a bonding experience between parents and their children, who can build their Loog together and share their love of music. Loog Guitars pair with the Loog iOS app filled with video lessons designed to get you playing songs -not just scales or exercises- on day one. #lucite #electric #guitar #fender

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