Gift Categories For Unique Gift Ideas

Insane Gift Shop handpicks for you the most insane gifts and gadgets to buy from the internet! WARNING: Not Safe For Wallet!

Alcohol Gifts 35 Unique Gift Ideas

With these alcohol gifts you'll make your friends drunk in different ways for a long time. Take a look and buy a great gift!

Apocalypse Survival Gifts 7 Unique Gift Ideas

Brace yourself! With these apocalypse survival gifts you'll get the chance to buy the things needed to get them zombies killed! It's you or them!

Bathroom Gifts 14 Unique Gift Ideas

Start decorating your bathroom the right way with these bathroom gifts. Don't forget to buy some for your friends or you'll have them in your house!

Bedroom Gifts 10 Unique Gift Ideas

Get a better decoration in your bedroom and help your friends out with these magical bedroom gifts. They'll be happy and you'll be happy!

Bicycling Gifts 2 Unique Gift Ideas

Riding a bike is nice, but having a bike with the appropriate accessories is even nicer! So help out your friends with these bicycle gifts!

Books And Reading Gifts 26 Unique Gift Ideas

These book and reading gifts will help you and your friends having a better life. So start browsing and find what you and your friends need!

Camping And Outdoor Gifts 31 Unique Gift Ideas

Never go outdoor camping without having any gear! These camping gifts and outdoor gifts will keep you and your mates prepared at all times!

Clothing Gifts 12 Unique Gift Ideas

Get yourself and your friends dressed as it should with these clothing gifts! No more boring clothes! Take a look and buy what's needed!

Computer Geekery Gifts 17 Unique Gift Ideas

Love computers? You admit you're a geek? These computer geekery gifts will then be ideal for you or your geek friends. Take a look!

Costume Gifts 13 Unique Gift Ideas

With these costume gifts you'll be amazed how boring life actually is without wearing a costume. Take a good look and get dressed!

Doctor Who Gifts 3 Unique Gift Ideas

These doctor who gifts are perfect for those who love to watch the doctor who series. Duhh... Now, are you ready to see what we have to offer?

Everyday Carry Gifts 6 Unique Gift Ideas

These everyday carry gifts are perfect for the real life we're living in. They'll help us in any possible and impossible situation we'll ever get in!

Food And Drink Gifts 54 Unique Gift Ideas

Without food and drinks we're dead. Luckily we have more than that. Just have a quick look what kind of food and drink gifts we're offering!

Furniture Gifts 4 Unique Gift Ideas

Start decorating you house the right way with these insane furniture gifts. They're crazy! Now stop wasting your time reading this and take a look!

Gadget And Accessory Gifts 14 Unique Gift Ideas

A life without gadgets is a boring life. Get ready to see what kind of gadget and accessory gifts we have for you and your friends.

Gamer Gifts 12 Unique Gift Ideas

Are you a gamer or do you have a gamer friend? Well, make yourself or that friend happy with these insane gamer gifts. They're really nice!

Hat And Tie Gifts 4 Unique Gift Ideas

Give your friends and family a better look with these nice hat and tie gifts! They'll be happy with the gift and you so the view's better!

Health And Fitness Gifts 11 Unique Gift Ideas

Get in shape or help your friend or a family member get in shape with these highly effective health gifts and fitness gifts. Good luck!

Hello Kitty Gifts 1 Unique Gift Ideas

We all know hello kitty and we all know how hard the girls (and some boys) love it! We'll make them happy if you know them with hello kitty gifts!

Home Decor Gifts 18 Unique Gift Ideas

Start decorating your friends home with some insane home decor gifts. He'll be glad and so will you! Nothing goes above helping eachother out!

Home Security Gifts 5 Unique Gift Ideas

Let your friends know how dangerous it is not to have a security for their houses. Make the change and treat them with home security gifts so they'll ...

Housewarming Gifts 21 Unique Gift Ideas

So a family member just bough a new house? Help them get comfortable with these modern (and not so modern) housewarming gifts. Enjoy the say there!

Internet Humor Gifts 5 Unique Gift Ideas

The internet is a funny place with funny memes and funny vines. Dod you know you can buy internet humor gifts for someone you like? Check it out!

Jewelry Gifts 8 Unique Gift Ideas

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. How many times have we heard this. The thing is, it's true so make her proud and get her some jewelry gifts!

Kitchen And Cooking Gifts 41 Unique Gift Ideas

There are several ways to treat the person who cooks for you each and every day. The best thing is to bey them some kitchen and cooking gifts!

Light And Clock Gifts 20 Unique Gift Ideas

Without light in the dark we're blind. So get yourself a lamp, it's that simple. Why not buy some light gifts and clock gifts for your friends?

Man Cave Gifts 3 Unique Gift Ideas

Every man has his own place where nobody should come, except for his friends. It's a place where things happen. Get your buddy some man cave gifts!

Minecraft Gifts 2 Unique Gift Ideas

Do you know somebody who likes to play Minecraft? If it is, you'll make him or her the happiest person on earth with these insane minecraft gifts.

Musical Instrument Gifts 4 Unique Gift Ideas

Life without music is so boring. Heck, we all know someone who has a guitar or keyboard. It's time to make them happy with musical instrument gifts!

Office Gifts 12 Unique Gift Ideas

Work, work, work, work, work... It's all we have to do in order to get that cash... Let's make it more pleasant with these office gifts!

Pet Gifts 20 Unique Gift Ideas

Make your pet proud. It doesn't matter if it's a cat, a dog, a fish or a tiger. They all deserve the right attention. Get your pet a gift!

Photography Gifts 8 Unique Gift Ideas

Do you know that person who loves to take pictures of really everything? Well.. make him or her happy with some insane photography gifts!

Pool And Water Gifts 11 Unique Gift Ideas

A hot day without pool or water can be like hell! Maybe it's time for you to be prepared for a poolparty and have the appropriate pool and water ...

Shoe Gifts 5 Unique Gift Ideas

In life we need shoes. Well.. in city life.. Now, some people have some shoe fetish... Let them go out of control with these shoe gifts!

Star Wars Gifts 15 Unique Gift Ideas

Make your Star Wars friend happy with some Star Wars gifts! From a yoda lamp to a Darth Vader shower cap. We have it! May the force be with you!

Tools And Accessory Gifts 14 Unique Gift Ideas

When working on something, make sure you always have the right tools. You can also help your friends out with the right tools & accessories gifts.

Travel Gear Gifts 11 Unique Gift Ideas

So you love to travel with friends or family? Maybe it's time to treat your travel buddy in a insane way with these insane travel gear gifts!

Wallet Gifts 2 Unique Gift Ideas

Buy your friend a wallet. Not just a wallet, but an insane wallet! Check out these insane wallet gifts!

Yard And Garden Gifts 8 Unique Gift Ideas

A garden is a place where lots of good things happen. So start helping your friends out with these yard and garden gifts.